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YAY! If you are reading this, then your special day must be right around the corner.



How to show up:

HAIR: When in doubt, blow it out. Cleanish, dry hair is best. If you are prone to an oily scalp, please shampoo and condition the morning of.  Dry shampoo only does so much. We have all of the products necessary to give your hair the texture and it needs to create your dream look that will last all night long, even throughout the dance party!

FACE: Your face should be clean and moisturized. You may apply sunscreen, as long as it doesn't make your face white, it does not photograph well.  A gentle exfoliant the day before or the morning of, after cleansing, could be a great idea. Remember to follow it with a toner (I like rose water), and moisturize. Serums can be good for that extra dry skin. Your makeup will go on smoothly now.  Customized strip lashes or tabs come with all makeup applications, that could last well into the next morning.  Eyelash extensions are a great addition as well, which should be applied prior to your big day.  Extensions are beautiful, low maintenance, and a fuss-free option that will show up for you all month long.  PRO TIP: Test out any new beauty regime at least a month prior to your event, to prevent having any reactions or breakouts on your special day.

*Often the photographer will arrive towards the end of our time together, and you'll be close to being ready.  At this time, everyone in the bridal party and mothers should be dressed.  Everyone is looking fabulous, helping the bride button up her dress, pinning the corsages, placing the veil in the hair, all whilst the photographer is shooting away, capturing candid times with your favorite ladies. 

I hope this is helpful. I cannot wait to take care of you for your special day!

                     Kelly Rene

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